Love for our Beaches

We have been spending the past 45+ days inside, quarantined, healing ourselves and our loved ones as many have been affected by the covid-19 pandemic. Our planet is healing too and with your help we can keep it cleaner and safer for all to enjoy once the world is back to health and able. With foundations like Surfrider, who spend their time fighting for the clean beaches and water that is so necessary for our human world, but more importantly to our sea world.

We are donating $2 of every purchase to help in supporting their their mission. For every $1 you donate to the Surfrider Foundation, 84 cents directly funds their programs and campaigns, 13 cents is invested to generate future donations and 3 cents is devoted to their administrative and operating costs. Help us in helping them, get one step closer to their vision of 100% protection of our coasts.

Why is this so important? The most visible and disturbing impacts of marine plastics are the ingestion, suffocation and entanglement of hundreds of marine species. Marine wildlife such as seabirds, whales, fishes and turtles, mistake plastic waste for prey, and most die of starvation as their stomachs are filled with plastic debris. We've all seen the videos of turtles entangled in plastic bags, unable to free themselves, or straws stuck up their nostril making it hard fro them to breathe or swallow and unable to remove it. And the seabirds who die so frequently from eating plastic.

Here are some numbers to consider:

12.7 million tonnes of plastic waste are washed into the ocean every year

51 trillion microplastic particles in the oceans already.

One million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed every due to plastic ingestion

What we forget to consider is the ingestion of plastic by fish and other marine beings also in-turn causes harm to people who consume marine food. Studies have found that toxins in plastics cause several of health issues including cancers, immune system problems, and birth defects.
So in full circle, our garbage, our problem. Let's fix it.

Join us in donating to help our leading activists in their fight to cleaner beaches and ocean waters.

Learn more about Surfrider Foundation


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